We are a student run radio station based at [email protected] We’re right at the heart of the media industry, working with local businesses and business people to grow ourselves as media professionals and build a network within the college.
The Future
At UTC Radio
We're all about planning for the future, building up our skills and growing as media proffessionals. Everything we do keeps this in mind, and we try and make everything we do at UTC Radio something which develops our abilities. 
In the near future we aim to set up a fully functioning online radio station, broadcasting live 24/7, with live presented shows, podcasts and segments/documenteries. We aim to complete all this using student made content and creating relationships with local businesses and business people in our area.
In the long term future we hope to grow the station to the extent where we have a form of affiliation with media and specifically radio companies within Manchester, to become a well known source for student entertainment. We want to help grow our student employee's so that they will be succesful outside of the UTC.


Upcoming Projects

  • We've decided to set up a new project with the music production team to produce a UTC Radio tagline, and some jingles for when the show is up on running. The guys have begun the planning process and we can't wait for you to hear them. Keep your eye on our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Soundcloud within the coming weeks
  • We have begun searching for talent to take part in some live music sessions in our studio. The factual team have been contacting bands and artists from the local area which they think sound great, and soon we'll be bringing people in to record their songs LIVE! The songs will be up on all our social media channels but will also be broadcast once UTC Radio goes live.
If you have any ideas for projects then come and join us at UTC Radio, or get in contact. If you'd like to put yourself forward for any currently running projects, or someone you know: don't hesitate to contact us now via the contact page of this website, or in the Radio/Audio Hub on Tuesday's and Wednesday's between 4 and 5pm.
  • Join us! Yes, UTC Radio is an enrichment at [email protected], so join our team by signing up to the enrichment. You could be a part of a team, and create live content for a real life audience. Not only does this experience enhance your skills, but it also significantly enchances your CV. 

We're An Enrichment

  • From September 2017 we're looking for as many new Year 10's and Year 12's to join the UTC Radio team. We're always on the look out for Radio Presenters, Audio Editors, Social Media Managers, Artists and Bands and anyone who's capable of making UTC Radio a better company on the whole. 
We work in an office environment. There is a station manager, and any tasks set must be completed. Whilst we are an enrichment, we act as a company - because we are! So we have a professional environment in the Audio hub, especially when we're On Air. If you think you'd like to get hands on experience with a radio station, come along on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4-5pm.