Frequently asked questions

Here is a sample of some frequently asked questions, along with answers to help you out with anything you might want to know. If there's something else you'd like to discover about UTC Radio, just head to the contact page of the site now!
  1. I'm not a UTC student, can I help?
    If you aren't a UTC student you cannot work for UTC Radio, however we are always looking for people to network with and if you have something to offer, for example live music, a blog, a podcast: then we will always take it into consideration.
  2. What is UTC?
    UTC's are colleges for 14-18 year olds, offering courses in GCSE's and A-Levels. You can find out more about studying at [email protected] at
  3. Does UTC Radio have sophisticated equipment?
    Yes! UTC Radio has some of the finest equipment and facilities available to us. We have a recording studio, a music production studio, a DJ booth and an interview studio! Visit and take a look for yourself.
  4. Can I record music in your studios?
    Yes! We're on the look out for any local artists and bands that would like to record live sessions for UTC Radio. However we don't hire out our facilities to artists and bands for their own use. If you were to record at UTC Radio, we'd send you a copy.
  5. Can I advertise with UTC Radio?
    We're always looking for potential partners, and you can head to the advertising section of the site to look at our pricing. However we're also looking for any media based companies to work with students at UTC, contact the UTC if you'd be interested.
  6. I'd like to know more about something that hasn't been explained
    Just head to the contact page of this website and pop your question in the message box. Alternatively you can e-mail [email protected] direct, or [email protected] for any press enquiries